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All of our articles are 100% free. 


Our most popular articles are titled:


Our most popular article is Make your Car Stand out From the Pack (click to Download)

The above is over 30 pages with 50 photos with tips and tricks to gain more points at car shows.  The file is very large 8meg and may take a minute or more to download


Our second most popular article is titled How to Organize a Car Show (click to Download)

The above is over 20 pages with 30 photos with tips on how to organize a car show.  It is also a very large file so it may take several minutes to download.


Tabulate Judges scores in Excel.  An Excel sheet made to do this task

The above Excel file will allow you to tabulate a judged show or a participant judge show (top 50 or by classes); it is set up for a show with up to 500 cars.


Instructions on how to use the Judges scores Excel sheet

The above is a link to a Word document on how to use the Judging Spreadsheet.  This is also large and may take a few minutes to download.

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